New developed electronic-boards for Frech®-diecasting-machines with 5 years of warranty

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The electronic-board FP offers the following advantages:

  • Compatible Replacement for old boards FP-1 and FP-2.
  • Safety in case of short-circuits with electronic current limiting and automatic switch-off.
  • Memory of the error until the machine is switched off.
  • Function-indication by yellow LED's, indication of mistakes by red LED's.
  • No problems with high temperatures.
  • Proven, very good for error detection.
  • Price per unit: On request.

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The electronic-board DVP offers the following advantages:

  • Compatible replacement for old boards VP-1, VP-2, DVP-1, DVP-2 and DVP-2.1.
  • Safety against short-circuits with restrict current and automatic switch-off.
  • High efficiency; no problems with high temperatures.
  • Function-indication by green LED, error display by red LED.
  • New: Function-indication of output 25 (reset), 26 (10Hz) and 27 (1Hz) by yellow LEDs.
  • New: Improved protection against high voltage inputs.
  • Working completely digitally.
  • Price per unit: On request.

Both electronic-boards will give you:

  • Conformity with the standards EN 50950, EN 60073, CSA 22.2-234/950.
  • Un-compromised high-quality with modern components. (Without FZH 151).
  • Contacts and fuse-socket gilded.
  • Plug and play: Simply pull out the old and put in the new board - continue working - forgetting it.

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Digital time-card DZS.

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Voltage-guard » SPW « (U125).

  • New advanced design, connecting as the original card.
  • NEW: LED-indications for »connection 15 Volt« and »error«: quick finding mistakes.
  • Very important for machine safety. Stopps the control if one power is missing. Increases the safety of the machine
  • New guards, repairs and spare parts available.
  • Supplied completely with holder and with connection diagram.
  • Price: On request.

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Digital Potentiometers offer the following advantages:

  • Replacing the potentiometer for time-adjustment with step-switch. Steps 0,1 seconds.
  • Easiest using. Adjustable 0,1 to 9,9 seconds. (0 to 500kOhm)
  • Exact repeatment for adjusting the times: Exact digital numbers instead of turnig at ???.
  • Reliable: 100%. German manufacturer »Hartmann« with gilded contacts and precision-resistors. Exactness: 1%.
  • Delivering complete, ready for installing inclusive holders and wiring.
    Easy to install instead of the potentiometer into the indicating panel.
  • Price per unit: € (Euro) -please ask us- without sales tax.

Besides available:

The result:

  • Saves the expensive re-equipment on new controls (e.g. Bachmann-control).
  • Warranty for all new boards. You know how much it will cost in the future. Exactly.
  • Increased reliability of the whole control.
  • Less and shorter failing-time and therefore more productivity.
  • Spare-parts are available for years.
  • This new electronic cards will make your proven Frech® diecasting-machines more reliable and economic. For a long time.
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