The temperature-regulator R 1120 with turn knob - technical details

The temperature regulator with absolutely easy adjustment. Reliable, long lasting, exact: Digital-electronic.

Regler R-1120
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The temperature regulator with absolutely easy adjustment. Reliable, long lasting, exact: Digital-electronic. The regulator R 1120 was also developed as a replacement type for »S+B Schuntermann & Benninghoven« or »Elstein« or »Dr. Krieger« -regulator QDR-2.
  • Advantages / Advantages:
  • Adjustment of the process temperature by rotary knob - easiest way every seen!
  • Adjustment of the parameters by easy structured operating interface and turning knob.
  • Two aditional output relays for different alarm- and helping functions.
  • If you exchange the old »QDR-2« - no new wiring necessary.
  • Same size as »QDR-2«: 96x96mm DIN.
  • Modern digital electronic, based on the type R 1100.
  • LED-displays for process-temperature and and set-temperatures, function indication with yellow LEDs.
  • Connection with plug for simpliest exchanging.
  • Regulator types: Relay-output or output for SSR-relay available.
  • Pt100, NiCr-Ni (type K), Fe-CuNi (type L or J), °C or °F programmable
  • Made in Germany - 2 years warranty.
A little film on YouTube - how to start setup / installing the regulator R1120
General technical details R 1120:
Function types programmable:
Two-point regulator (heating - off or cooling - off)
Two-point regulator (cooling mode with non-linear cooling)
Three-point regulator (heating - off - cooling)
Three-point regulator (heating - off - cooling cooling mode with non-linear cooling)
Three-point step regulator (on request)
Sensor configuration programmable:
Pt 100, 0,0...99,9°C
Pt 100, 32...212°F
Pt 100, -100...+200°C
Pt 100, -148...+392°F
Pt 100, 0...400°C (factory setting)
Pt 100, 32...752°F
Pt 100, 0...800°C
T/C Fe-CuNi (L), 0...400°C
T/C Fe-CuNi (L), 32...752°F
T/C Fe-CuNi (L), 0...800°C
T/C Fe-CuNi (J), 0...800°C
T/C NiCr-Ni (K), 0... 999°C

Lower setpoint limitation programmable
Higher setpoint limitation programmable
Process-offset programmable
Adjustment lock: (different levels of locking programmable)
Alarm 2 and Alarm 3 -configuaration programmable:
no Alarm
Signal contact (off - on) (relatively)
Limit contact (off - on) (absolutely)
Limit range contact (comparator) (off - on - off) (relative)
Signal contact (on - off) (relatively)
Limit contact (on - off) (absolutely)
Limit range contact (comparator) (on - off - on) (relatively)
Limit range contact with start up suppression (off - on - off) (relatively)
Self opitmizing programmable:
no self optimizing
one time self optimizing on request to the control process
self optimizing automatically every time the regulator is switched on, if the difference between set point and process temperature value is larger than 7% of the measuring range.

Advice: In case of sensor- or connecting failures, the regulator and the alarms will respond similar to a range overflow (see manual).
The alarm contacts therefore do not offer protection against all types of plant breakdown With this in mind, we recommend the use of a second, independent temperature limiter.

Typ of equipment: Two point (heating - off) or three point (heating - off - cooling) or steady regulator
Input thermocouple: Built-in internal compensation point and protection against sensor breakage and incorrect polarity.
Re-calibration not required for a line resistance of up to 50 Ohms.
Calibration accuracy ≤ 0,25 %
Input Pt 100 (DIN): 2- or 3- wire connection possible.
Built-in protection against sensor breakage and short circuit. Max. permissible line resistance by 3-wire connection: 80 Ohms.
Max. possible resistance of cable: for 3- cable wiring: 50 Ohm. Sensor current: ≤ 0,5 mA.
Calibration accuracy: ≤ 0,25 %
Linear error: ≤ 0,2 % Influence of the ambient temperature: ≤ 0,01 % / K
-out 1: Type R1120-10: Relay (closing contact) max. 250V 3A, co-phi = 1
-out 1: Type R1120-20: tension, bistabil; = / 18V dc max. 20 mA short-circuit proof
-out 2 and -out 3: Relais (closing contact) max. 250V 3A, co-phi = 1
Data protection: EAROM (Semiconductor memory)
7-segment-display: actual value and set: 10 mm, red, 3 ½ digit
CE-conformity: EMC: 2004 / 108 / EG; EN 61326-1 for industrial areas
Power supply: Standard: 230V AC; (intern changeable to 115V ac) +/- 10% 48-62 Hz.
Electric connections: Plug-in screw terminals, Protection mode IP 20 (DIN 40050); isolation class C
Permissible operating conditions: working temperature: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Case for panel-mounting: Dimensions: 96 x 96mm (DIN43700); deep: 67mm.
Panel cutaway dimensions: 92 +0,5mm x 92+0,5mm.
Case material: Noryl, self-extinguishing, not drippy UL 94-V1
water proof: IP 20 (DIN 40050); IP 50 front side.
weight: appr. 400gr.

marking / indicating colours of different thermocouples

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